BoxyCharm Nov2017

So CharmDay is one of my favorites, and that was today, November 15th!

BoxyCharm this month contained the following:

So far, I’ve tried a few of the items such as:

The eyeshadow from winkylux, which although the colors look great, didn’t seem to blend too well. The colors were not as vibrant as I’d like them to be, and just all around meh.

The Luxiebrushes didn’t disappoint, which I’m not surprised, they are probably my favorite brush people.

The Laqa&co lipstick color is great. Reminds me of mulberries in the summer, so it’s a great shade to sport during the dark, cold months. Doesn’t have the stay power of others but, is also not shiny or glossy, which is a plus. It also doesn’t dry your lips, but as previously stated, I’d keep it handy for touch-ups.

I had been dying to try the Cover Fx setting spray, and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint. It is now 1:04 pm and I applied my make up roughly 6 hours ago and it remains dewy and intact.

All in all not a bad month for boxy goodies. Would I pay the $31 for the palette? No. But everything else seems worth the price.

I’m already excited for next month, I hear some great things (such as mascara!!!) are coming.

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