Expressing my frustration.

Relationships of all sorts are a give and take.  There comes a point when you must give yourself completely and trust blindly.  Ones inability to do so keeps said relationship from ever fully achieving its potential.  

Today I am frustrated and I’d like to Express how someone’s distrust slowly makes me retract; slowly rebuild any walls I had let down to let them in.  Seems I rebuild faster than I fear the wall down, and yesterday I build a few rows up. I too am insecure in myself, but why is it that I have to believe what someone tells me are their true feelings and they can’t seem to believe what I express to be my heartfelt all.  Perhaps my opinions, thoughts and feelings are not really something they care enough to believe in.  Perhaps I am right to build back up.   I do hope however, that they become aware of what they eventually bring to themselves by pushing me away. 

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