Today is my birthday. I woke up thinking for some reason that it was a special day.  I learned rather quickly that it was only special to me, because apparently my choices and mistakes over the past year have deemed me unworthy. Unworthy of a call I have come to expect over the past 15 and some years…that call from my mother and a call from my sister.  This year, I got neither.

I had an all around ok birthday.  The girls from work were nice enough to get me my favorite pastries, and a gift card.  I got a card from my best friend, and a surprising text from my father. That was all.  My kid didn’t make a point of telling me happy birthday, and other than my gma (whose bday is tomorrow), only social media bday wishes.  You know, the obligatory ones.  It is now 9:14pm and I’m headed to bed, half way in tears… yeah I’m a bratty brat brat.  Idk why I expect for my bday to be anything other than August 24 of whatever year.

I guess perhaps because every year, on their birthday – for those special to me, I try to make them feel that. This year, I helped throw my mother a once in a lifetime party. But I guess my mistakes and life, make me unworthy of any acknowledgment. Yeah. Poor, pitiful me. I know. I’m just whining.   I also know I’m not the only one who’s bday has been forgotten. Or who isn’t good enough.

It sucks. Happy 35th bday to me!

Happy new 365 day journey around the sun! ~ me

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