A Total Eclipse… 

Loving from far away…

Today, August 21, 2017, we were able to experience a total solar eclipse.  First time in 500 years – at least in my region- although I recall seeing one when I was just a child in another part of the world.  Yes, today I was able to experience true beauty, beauty unlike any I recall ever witnessing (at least as an adult).  It was nature’s Kahlo and Bartoli happening before my eyes. It was a perfect blend of magic, love, and lust. The sun and the moon, touching each other… the way forbidden love does when it has the chance.

Today’s mesmerizing event made me think, can one survive without one’s true “sun”, when you are the moon?  How do long distance relationships last? How do lovers in two different lives make it past such a long lonely period without feeling each other’s physical presence? How does the moon exist without the sun? How do you survive until your next “total” eclipse? 

“I will wait for you all my life, Bartoli, all that I have left of life is yours, even if I do not see you……Don’t forget me. Don’t leave me alone.” ~ Kahlo to Bartoli 1947

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